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October 23 - 26, 2018
Orlando, FL

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24th HR Shared Services & Outsourcing Summit

Harness People, Process, and Technology to Deliver High Impact HRThe&nb ...

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Exclusive Content

Re-Imagine & Craft the Employee Experience: Design Thinking in Action - Deloitte

As a leader in HR, you understand the critical linkage between the employee experience, your company’s business strategy, and customer service. But, how to forge it effectively? Check out insight from leaders at Deloitte on:The significance of the employee experience to business strategyDeloitte's employee experience frameworkKey metrics to effectively engaging...

Full Tech Trends 2018 Report - Deloitte

Managing both humans and machines will present new challenges to the human resources organization, including how to simultaneously retrain augmented workers and to pioneer new HR  processes for managing virtual workers, cognitive agents, bots, and the other AI-driven capabilities comprising the “no-collar” workforce. By redesigning legacy practices, systems, and talent...

Shared Services in North America 2018: Millennial Talent, Digital Disruption & Customer Experience

Blending Q4 2017 data from 100+ North American Shared Services Centers, this report dives into the key themes of the upcoming 24th HR Shared Services & Outsourcing Summit. Flip through to find out more on Millennial Talent, Digital Disruption and Customer Experience in North American Shared Services Organizations (SSOs).

The Shared Services Maturity Curve: Where Do You Fall?

In this interactive report, travel through the four levels of shared services maturity (Emerging, Evolving, Adding Value and GBS) to find out where you currently fall and what you need to do in order to advance your SSO to the next level.If you have any questions or are having trouble...

Global State of the SSO Industry Report 2018

SSON’s annual market report highlights the underlying trends driving these shifts, identifies the ‘new and improved’ profile of a modern Shared Services team, and points to strategic value-add embedded within the Shared Services model.

The Consumerization of HR E-Book

In this comprehensive e-book, we outline the latest trends, proven implementation strategies and 3 real-world case studies pertaining to the Consumerization of HR, or, in other words, the pursuit of truly exceptional HR customer experiences. CHAPTER 1: What is the Consumerization of HR? CHAPTER 2: Help Yourself: Designing a Self-Service...

Past Presentation Packet

In preparation for the 24th HR Shared Services & Outsourcing Summit, we wanted to exclusively share these past presentations with you. Below you will find expert content on: Case Study: Scaling Shared Services through Effective Vendor Partnerships—the Rolls-Royce Story: Andy Parsons, Head of HR Operations & Shared Services–Americas, ROLLS-ROYCE“Lift and Shift”...

Unlocking More Value From Shared Services

This white paper provides insights to organizations operating a shared service center (SSC) or any department that wants to improve business process through automation. The paper is written for the business but with a technology focus. The aim is to educate leaders on how to drive efficiencies through the use...

The HR Shared Services & Outsourcing Summit's Top 5 Greatest Hits

Take a look at the top 5 most highly rated presentations from the last year to not only get a preview of what we have in store for you at the 22nd HR Shared Services & Outsourcing Summit this October 16-19 in Orlando, FL but to find out how leading-edge...

How McKesson Carefully Planned, Launched and, Years Later, Re-Invented their ER SSO Based on the Evolving Needs of the Business

Changes in any industry can create both challenges and opportunity. To be successful, an organization must leverage the assets of the entire enterprise. For Human Resources this means creating a solid HR delivery system that effectively and efficiently serves the day to day needs of employees and managers and supports...


Congratulations! You’ve built your business case, engaged your stakeholders and have a clear picture of what you want out of your new HR SSO model… now how do you make it happen? In this session, take home real-world guidance pertaining to: Building a new HR SSO team, Launching new technology...

Reimagining What’s Possible: HR Service Delivery Innovation at IGT

HR Leaders understand the most complex organizational changes can open the door to new possibilities. As the world’s leader in endto- end gaming technology, IGT saw a merger as an opportunity to re-imagine their global HR processes and supporting systems to deliver personalized, relevant HR services to employees in over...

Sherwin Williams, Key Considerations for Going Global With Your HRSSO

Take a look at how the largest paint and coatings company in the world acheived the following:Approximately $15.8 billion in annual salesOperation in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia/New ZealandOver 4,100 company owned stores and 140 manufacturing and distribution centersOver 60,000 employeesRecently completed the acquisition of Valspar and ...

Are you running a high impact HR operating model, Tom Nesteruk

Find out from Tom Nesteruk, Executive Director, HR Shared Services BAE Systems Inc. what success should look like in your organization and what factors constitute a high impact HRoperating model!

Trends in HR SSCs 2018: Current Enablers of Knowledge-Based Work and The Future of Automation

Data from surveys sent out to HR professionals in shared services and insights from our IAU Market Report have been blended to tackle questions on automation in HR. This includes its current impact on SSOs, and 2 emerging technologies in automation: machine learning and the internet of things.

Report: The Future of HR: Millennial Talent, Digital Disruption and Customer Experience

Blending data from 100+ North American Shared Services Centres, this report dives into the key themes of HR. Flip through to find out more on Millennial Talent, Digital Disruption and Customer Experience in North America Shared Services Organizations (SSOs).

HR Bots: The New Super Power

Every super hero seems to have a "special power." For the workforce of the future, could that power be bots?

How Predictive People Analytics is Revolutionizing HR

Imagine a future in which HR could shift its focus to "market" to employees.

The Path to Success in Transformational Times with The Coca-Cola Company

Karla Younger, VP, HR Services, Beth Corde, Sr. Manager, HR Services Support, and Adam Bassett, Sr. Manager, HR Customer Service at The Coca-Cola Company share how Coca-Cola has successfully grown its HRSSO model to more effectively meet the rapidly changing needs of the business without sacrificing service, quality, or cost-effectiveness.


Shared Services and Outsourcing Organizations are different all over the world, and in order to succeed in the realm of Global Shared Services, it is crucial to be aware of this. As SSCs continue to grow and develop in Latin America, it is important to understand the different policies and...

The HR Paradox

Over the last 15 years, HR Shared Services has evolved from just offering cost effective solutions to a value added process in the overall HR function. Typical to any industry and sector, the asks have been ever changing and now reach an inflection point where the demands are fighting for...

Meeting and Measuring Shared Services Success

Shared Service professionals know that understanding how to measure success is only half of the battle. Consulting Firm TSI tackles this challenge with its top Critical Success Factors for Shared Services Optimization. Inside the infographic find more information about the strategies to achieve shared services success in Culture, Continuous Improvement,...

Sustainable HR in An age of Disruption

The relentless march of digital technology is transforming the competitive landscape and redefining both the work and workforce. New digital business designs demand new talent strategies, yet it feels as though HR is always behind, always in reactive mode, always fighting the last battle. How can you create sustainable HR...

Global Human Capital Trends

Deloitte’s fifth annual Global Human Capital Trends report and survey takes stock of the challenges ahead for business and HR leaders in a dramatically changing digital, economic, demographic, and social landscape. In an age of disruption, business and HR leaders are being pressed to rewrite the rules for how they...

Past Presentations

Case Study: Scaling Shared Services through Effective Vendor Partnerships—the Rolls-Royce Story

Andy Parsons, Head of HR Operations & Shared Services–Americas, ROLLS-ROYCE and Tracy Welker, HR Vendor Manager, ROLLS-ROYCE present on:Building effective relationships with outsourced suppliers is critical to the successful delivery of HR services. With over 95 vendors providing services ranging from service awards to recruitment, the Rolls-Royce North America HR...

“Lift and Shift” vs “Fix and Shift”: Deciphering Which Is More Appropriate in a Large Scale HR Transformation

Amber Stephenson, Sr Manager HR Shared Services, Varian Medical Systems presents on: Most large scale HR transformations will include the potential for huge wins as well as real failure that could present major setbacks to companies. Often times, a lift and shift approach will provide a safer path to success including...

Super-Charge Your HR Business Partners

Jason Paradowski, Executive Director, HRSS North America, BOSCH and Nicole Laing, Team Lead, HR Services–Front Office Operations, ROBERT BOSCH, LLC present on: The HR Business Partner and COE roles are critical partners in the move to Shared Services. Much attention is often given to the development of the shared service roles...

#HRServiceExcellence: Secrets of the Sauce

Mitch Sparber, Head of HR Services, North America, ZURICH N.A presents on:Learn best practices in providing a world-class experience for employees from one of the leading multi-line insurance providers in the world. The solutions implemented are of value to any organization on a shared services journey. This session will highlight...

Case Study: Optimizing Your HRSS—Leveraging Process Improvement to Drive Results and Staff Engagement

Nick Malcom, Director of HR Operations, UNITYPOINT presents on:In 2017, UnityPoint’s HR Shared Services was challenged to support new organizational growth and optimizing the employee experience while keeping headcount flat (doing more with less). These strategic goals combined with a fairly immature shared services center led UPH down a path...

Recruiting Shared Services—Learnings from Microsoft’s Journey of Transformation & Candidate Experience

Janna Tanner, HR Director, HR SERVICES, MICROSOFT CORP. and Dustin Brown, Recruiting Operations Program Manager–Americas, MICROSOFT CORP. present on: Microsoft’s recruiting shared services journey and key learnings from standing up an outsourced model, offshore experiences, what really should sit in a shared services accountability and the ever changing candidate experience expectations....

Top Performing HR Shared Services Organizations—What Sets Them Apart?

Karen Hilton, Partner, SCOTTMADDEN, INC.and Scott Manning, Partner and Corporate & Shared Services Practice Leader, SCOTTMADDEN present on:ScottMadden and APQC recently completed the fifth cycle of a custom benchmarking study focused exclusively on Human Resources Shared Services Organizations (SSOs). The study includes questions and metrics related to domestic and global...


22nd HRSSO Exclusive Onsite Speaker Interview

Get an inside look at what our speakers from the 22nd HR Shared Services & Outsourcing Network had to say regarding their HR Shared Services.Insights fromLinkedInHCA HealthcareCSL BehringClick the download now button to receive your free copy!

2018 Exclusive Speaker Interview

Find out how HR Masterminds from Cisco, Zurich NA, Rolls Royce, World Bank and more are using RPA in their HR Shared Services & Outsourcing.

Interview with Citigroup: Design, Build & Evolve the HRSS Model

From the October 2016 iteration of HRSSO, Tracey Picone, Head of HR Professional Services, Managing Director at Citigroup discusses best practices for an organization to consider when creating a more effective model with an emphasis on effective use of technology, how an organization might determine if they are ready for...

HR Systems Integration with MasterCard

As the Senior Vice President of GBS HR Systems & Operations at MasterCard, Lois Miller, discusses with us how an organization might gather the necessary data to build a persuasive business case and game plan for success before integration, HR processes and programs enabled through technology and mobile solutions at...

Robotics and HR: Interview with Kevin Poe from NASA

Interview with Kevin Poe from the Information Resource Division of NASA's Shared Services Center

Robotics and HR: Interview with Jordan Elmassian from MasterCard

Interview with Jordane Elmassian, Senior Business Leader from MasterCard, regarding the company's implementation of RPA, including some of the benefits and hesitations associated.

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