May 15 - 17, 2017
The W Chicago City Center , Chicago

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2016 Industry E-Book

Content from October's iteration of HRSSO, in this year's exclusive 2016 Industry E-Book. Whats inside? Citigroup Interview: Design, Build & Evolve the HRSS Model, 5 Hot HR Strategy Trends of 2016, ScottMadden: HR Shared Services Benchmarking Results.


2017 State of the Shared Services Industry Report

This brand new report surveyed 400+ shared services practitioners in the U.S. and across the globe for their best practices in delivering exceptional service to their customers. Inside the report take a more in-depth look at how your peers are measuring success, setting efficiency targets, and resourcing most effectively.


Six Shared Services Questions You Need to Ask Today

What will it take for you to fully embrace and optimize HR Shared Services for all its worth? Are you ready to successfully enable a business-driven HR transformation? You've told us that your time has come. We surveyed our Shared Services community to discuss metrics, talent management, service delivery, and more, to see where you stand today and where you plan to be tomorrow. This is what you told us.

Meeting and Measuring Shared Services Success

Shared Service professionals know that understanding how to measure success is only half of the battle. Consulting Firm TSI tackles this challenge with its top Critical Success Factors for Shared Services Optimization. Inside the infographic find more information about the strategies to achieve shared services success in Culture, Continuous Improvement, Technology & the Cloud, and more.

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Current Attendee List

Which of your HR Shared Services executive will be attending this year's HR Shared Services & Outsourcing Summit? Inside find the list of attendees and companies that will be joining us this spring in Chicago.

2016 Post Show Report

Get ready for the spring conference and download the Post Show Report now! View attendee profiles and conference highlights, and get an inside look at what we have in store this year!


HR Systems Integration with MasterCard

As the Senior Vice President of GBS HR Systems & Operations at MasterCard, Lois Miller, discusses with us how an organization might gather the necessary data to build a persuasive business case and game plan for success before integration, HR processes and programs enabled through technology and mobile solutions at MasterCard, metrics to back up integration strategy, the challenges of integrating multiple, disparate systems into one single platform, and more!

Interview with Citigroup: Design, Build & Evolve the HRSS Model

From October's iteration of HRSSO, Tracey Picone, Head of HR Professional Services, Managing Director at Citigroup discusses best practices for an organization to consider when creating a more effective model with an emphasis on effective use of technology, how an organization might determine if they are ready for an HR Professional Services Organization model, what Citigroup is doing now to further improve upon their HR shared services model, and predictions for the next 5-10 years within the industry.

Robotics and HR: Interview with Jordan Elmassian from MasterCard

Interview with Jordane Elmassian, Senior Business Leader from MasterCard, regarding the company's implementation of RPA, including some of the benefits and hesitations associated.

Exclusive Content

The Future of HR Shared Services

Take a look into the way shared services organizations are heading into the future with a three-year adoption outlook,technology spending, having the right HR tech transformation path, plans on replacing HR technologies, how the workforce is going mobile, and even more!


Shared Services and Outsourcing Organizations are different all over the world, and in order to succeed in the realm of Global Shared Services, it is crucial to be aware of this. As SSCs continue to grow and develop in Latin America, it is important to understand the different policies and regulations surrounding these centers throughout both the region as a whole, and on a country-by-country basis. This map provides statistics, strengths and weaknesses, and regulatory information regarding the state of Shared Services and Outsourcing in specific LATAM countries.

HRSSO Case Study

This exclusive case study features presentations from Michael Regulski, Head of Shared Services at T. Rowe Price, Dené Matchett, Director of HR Shared Services for Pitney Bowes, and Kym Burke, Director of HR Shared Services at Mosaic. These three HRSSO professionals discuss various issues regarding the state of HR Shared Services and Outsourcing, including setting a clear strategy and vision for the future of your organization, cultivating a culture of high-performance and engagement by driving collaboration, authenticity and communication, leveraging new, customer-centric approaches to HR service delivery to enhance the user experience, drive accountability, and increase efficiency, and more.


ScottMadden Benchmark Study Results

ScottMadden surveyed U.S. and North American HR shared services organizations, covering the four major areas: delivery model and operations, staffing, performance and SSO management infrastructure and technology. The study includes data on more than 100 shared services operations.

The HR Paradox

As HR Shared Services has evolved from just offering cost effective solutions to a value added process in the overall HR function, the asks have been ever changing and now reach an inflection point where the demands are fighting for a share of existence and impact on decision making. This article addresses the paradoxes that this evolution has manifested, and some of the solutions shared services organizations have found tackling this challenge.

Beyond Transactional: Judgement-Intensive HR Shared Services

Most professionals who have worked in the shared services or the outsourcing market will tell you that the most appropriate type of activities to move into a shared service center are those of a transactional nature. This article sheds further light onto transactional HR processes by examining transactional versus judgement intensive and strategic areas.


The Path to Success in Transformational Times with The Coca-Cola Company

Karla Younger, VP, HR Services, Beth Corde, Sr. Manager, HR Services Support, and Adam Bassett, Sr. Manager, HR Customer Service at The Coca-Cola Company share how Coca-Cola has successfully grown its HRSSO model to more effectively meet the rapidly changing needs of the business without sacrificing service, quality, or cost-effectiveness.

Lois Miller (MasterCard) Presentation

Lois Miller, SVP, GBS HR Systems & Operations at MasterCard discusses how MasterCard is leveraging technology to enable GBS and a self-service strategy in HR. In this presentation, she elaborates on how technology, global process standards, metrics and a focus on change management, in and outside of HR, have come together to lay the foundation for a global shared services success story at Mastercard.


Sustainable HR in An age of Disruption

The relentless march of digital technology is transforming the competitive landscape and redefining both the work and workforce. New digital business designs demand new talent strategies, yet it feels as though HR is always behind, always in reactive mode, always fighting the last battle. How can you create sustainable HR in an age of disruption?

Deloitte has put together this use-case examples and research hypotheses that point the way forward for our own digital workplace journey. We trust that you will find our experience enlightening and discover ways to leverage our hard-earned insights into your own vision for a digital workplace-powered future.


Global Human Capital Trends

Deloitte’s fifth annual Global Human Capital Trends report and survey takes stock of the challenges ahead for business and HR leaders in a dramatically changing digital, economic, demographic, and social landscape. In an age of disruption, business and HR leaders are being pressed to rewrite the rules for how they organize, recruit, develop, manage, and engage the 21st-century workforce. 2017 is positioned to be a year of change as we all manage new levels of transformation and disruption. The only question now is: Are you ready? Keep reading to find out

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